Honeyblood – Norwich Arts Centre

disp1After the Glasgow duo’s recent November release of their second album, ‘Babes Never Die,’ they set out on a tour of the UK, starting in Newcastle and ending in their hometown venue of St Lukes in Glasgow.

I went along to their Norwich date of the tour where they played the Arts Centre on the 29th. The pair opened their set with ‘Ready for the Magic,’ a song off of their new album. This definitely set the tone for the rest of the set as the band almost played their new album in its entirety, breaking it up with several older tracks that would have attracted most of the crowd to see them play that night.

The crowd was a strange mix of young university students like myself, and groups of older, middle-aged men and women, who could’ve passed as the parents of the younger members of the audience. I have to say, this did surprise me a little bit, as I hadn’t pictured that the band would pull in an older crowd, especially as the girls are pretty young themselves.

The first half of the set went well, and with the exception of Choker, they played all new songs including personal favourites – ‘Justine, Misery Queen,’ and ‘Walking at Midnight’ which are definitely stand out tracks on the new record. The new material provides a really compelling balance between sweet, wistful vocals, and rawer, scrappier riffs and beats.

In between songs, the girls revealed their charm when talking and joking with the crowd, who up until that point had been relatively calm. This soon changed in the second half of the set when they played ‘Sea Hearts,’ which is probably the liveliest, catchiest, and most popular song from ‘Babes Never Die.’ This heightened atmosphere carried on throughout the rest of the set as they played ‘All Dragged Up’ and ‘Babes Never Die,’ the titular track from their new album. Admittedly, the older members of the crowd were pushed further out, as more and more younger people pushed into the middle to dance and mosh – which I’m not really a fan of at indie gigs, and the term mosh makes me cringe but you get what I mean, and that’s sort of besides the point – for the last few punkier songs of the night.

The set closed with two fan favourites, ‘Super Rat’ and ‘Killer Bangs;’ the first being an ultimate break-up song for that scumbag ex, the crowd shouting along to the defiant chorus – “I will hate you forever,” displaying a mix between the bands emotional vulnerability, and their gutsy, fierce attitude which makes them so likeable.

Honeyblood put on a really good show, and I can only picture them growing bigger and bigger from here on out; and I think it’s safe to say that the scumbag exes that they sing about in their songs won’t be standing in their way.


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